Info for Joiners and Fabricators

The Ecotilt™ System is the latest product from the Window Systems Division at Mighton Products, industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Traditional and Modern Sash Window Hardware.

Ecotilt™ is unique to the world with an Energy Rating of ‘A’,'B' & 'C' (depending on specification). No other timber sash window system has acheived this.

In the face of global warming, our development process has been focused on energy efficiency. Ecotilt™ is the way forward, conserving energy to keep you warm.

The PVCu industry is well ahead of the Timber industry in recognising Energy Ratings as a powerful selling tool. Ecotilt™ is the only Energy Rated window system available to the whole of the Timber Window Market.

Architects are increasingly specifying windows with a rating that must be 'C' or better. Indeed, the Energy Savings Trust only sponsors windows of this high standard. Up to now this has not been possible with timber sash windows.

From a security perspective, Ecotilt™ is the only timber sash window system to have passed BS7950 Enhanced Security for Windows.

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