Ecotilt™ includes technologically advanced design features that allow it to perform to its incredibly high standard. Often when advanced technology is used in a product the end result is visually affected. But Ecotilt™ retains all of its classic styling by keeping all of its clever parts hidden so we only have to look at the beautiful ones.

From the outside

From the outside Ecotilt™ is indistinguishable from any classically styled traditional timber sash window. Until of course the tilt operation is utilised.

From the inside

From the inside Ecotilt™ retains its looks thanks to the patented Boston Hinge. The hinge is attached to traditionally styled staff beads which retain the sash in the jamb and cover the hi-tech weatherstripping. When unscrewed, the Boston Hinge allows the staff bead to be opened outwards so the tilt and removal function of the sash can take place. The hinge itself is made to a high quality brass finish.

The timber frame

When Ecotilt™ is fully constructed and in place, there is nothing other than a beautiful timber sash window to look at which can be treated and painted as any other sash window can. The tilt and remove function actually makes this easier. But hidden inside the jambs are highly sophisticated PVCu extrusions combined with hi-tech seals and weatherstripping that give Ecotilt™ it's amazing Energy Rating.

High quality fittings

Ecotilt™ is supplied with high quality, traditional brass sash fittings as standard.

Hidden parts

As well as having hidden insulation and PVCu parts, Ecotilt™ also hides it's strong metal Safety Stays which allow the sashes to tilt to a safe angle. These can only be seen when the sashes are in the tilted position. Ecotilt™ also comes as standard with Ultrashoe™, the mechanism that makes the Mighton Assisted Lift™ Balances simple to adjust. Once again this is completely invisible until the sashes are tilted.


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