All of the hard work and testing has been done so that you can use our system in the manufacture of your own window.

Now you can achieve a listing on the BFRC website as a supplier of an 'A','B' or 'C' Energy Rated timber sash window. Mighton will guide you through the simple process of registration. You must be a Mighton account holder, if you are not just contact Sales - Freephone 0800 056 0471 or you can register here.

Submit your name , address and contact details. Mighton will contact you and discuss sponsorship (Subject to discussion, we may decide to sponsor part or all of the cost of the registration fee). We will arrange for BM TRADA (The certification body for the BFRC) to send you a quotation for your first audit. You accept that quotation and agree a date for your audit. (If we have agreed to sponsor you - you claim that back from us).

BMTRADA will have sent you a checklist. Most of the information will be supplied to you by Mighton. BMTRADA will visit your premises and carry out the audit which should take an hour or so. Once approved you will be issued with a certificate and listed on the BFRC website. That's it!

Internal preparation Done
Simulation of product by approved simulator Done
Selecting an Independent Agency (IA) Done
IA verification To do
BFRC Registration To do
  • BFRC Energy Rated Windows

    energy ratings

    Architects are increasingly specifying 'C' and above BFRC Energy Rated windows. By specifying a window with a good Energy Rating the architect is contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the build.

    This will reflect well on the designer when they are being considered for projects. So as a manufacturer of energy efficient timber sash windows that also provide the aesthetics designers look for, you as a manufacturer can put yourself in a strong position by joining the Ecotilt™ project.

    • BS 7950 Enhanced Security For Windows.
    • BS 6375-1:2004 Performance of windows. Classification for weather tightness.