Cleaning and Working at Height

Every year, one third of falls from heights at work, involve ladders and stepladders. This accounts for 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries.

The Temporary Working at Height Directive and the Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) 2007 have been introduced to improve health and safety.

The new Temporary Working at Height Directive places duties on anyone who controls the way work at height is undertaken. Within the regulations it is specified that work activity from height should be completely avoided
where possible.

The new CDM Regulations dictate that architects must protect workers when designing a new build or refurbishing. In some cases they must design-in safety equipment to gain access to windows such as hoists and platforms.

Ecotilt™ overcomes all of the obstacles presented in the new legislation thanks to its unique tilt and remove timber sashes. These allow the entire window to be accessed for cleaning and maintenance from the inside, making Ecotilt™ the safe way forward when working at height.

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