Operation of Ecotilt™

The process of accessing Ecotilt™ for cleaning and maintenance couldn't be easier. The system has been specifically designed to make life easy for fitters and homeowners. The series of features built in for tilting the sashes and dismantling the window ensure that lots of time can be saved.

The Boston Hinge

The patented Boston Hinge is a cleverly designed quality brass fitting. It's pupose is to allow the traditional timber staff beads at either side of the window to be unscrewed by hand and then swing outwards.

Opening the staff beads is the first step to be taken in accessing the window for both cleaning and maintenance.


Tilting the sashes

Once the staff beads are open, the catches on the top of the sash can be unlocked. There is one at either side of the meeting rail on the bottom sash, and again at either side of the top rail of the top sash. The bottom sash should be opened first.

The catches are on springs and must be held in position as the sash is tilted on it's pivot.

Once the bottom sash is open the top one can then also be opened.


Removing the sashes

For any maintenance other than balance adjustment, the sashes should be removed completely.

The Safety Stays will only allow the sashes to tilt so far. There is a catch on the Safety Stays at either side of the sash that when activated will allow the sash to tilt to 90 degrees.

Once this is done the sash can then simply be twisted away from its pivots and lifted out.

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